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What Happens When You Stop Washing Your Hair


Getting the simplest out of your hair often seems like you’re running a science experiment. Any day now, you’ll uncover the proper mixture of chemicals and emerge a supermodel — or even a superhero!

However, some people have taken to a real extreme in terms of haircare: they’ve completely stopped washing their hair! This style trend is exploding from coast to coast, but does it actually work? Or will you begin of this looking just like the Bride of Frankenstein?

If you actually want the reality behind this trend, we’ve got a full rundown of the pros and cons of not washing your hair.

Natural oils make hair shiny
What does one consider once you believe beautiful hair? for several folks, the solution involves hair that appears really shiny and sleek. But frequent washing actually takes much of what makes your own hair shine.

When you stop washing your hair, you give the natural oils in your hair time to figure their magic. But that oil might need the assistance of a boar brush to bring out the shine altogether of your hair.

Say bye to dry
Here’s a weird paradox: have you ever noticed that washing your hair can actually make it look and feel drier? That’s due to equivalent hairdressing (sebum is that the technical name) that we mentioned before.

Washing out that oil a day means after you blow-dry your hair, it’ll feel seriously dry all day. But letting your hair’s natural oil do its thing means your hair goes to feel pleasantly silky additionally to looking nice and glossy.

Of course, this might only apply to hair that hasn’t been dyed. If your dyed hair tends to dry out without tons of conditioner, your natural oils might not be enough to smooth it out.




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