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8 Behaviors That Attract Men The Most


What if you were looking altogether the incorrect places for tactics to draw in a man?

Many women focus only on aesthetic considerations when it involves what attracts men. This includes their fitness, their makeup, and their fashion choices.

But while men are definitely visual creatures, the important secret to finding an honest man is all about the way you act. Specifically, you’ll specialize in a couple of key behaviors until he’s wrapped around your finger.

What do you have to be doing to snag a man? inspect these eight behaviors that attract men the foremost.

Laughing it up
Men like it when women boost their self-esteem. And one among the simplest ways to try to do this is often to tease a man’s jokes.

The simple act of laughter reinforces that you simply think he’s funny. All those men who say they need a lady with an honest sense of humor? That’s actually just code for “someone who will tease my jokes.”

That doesn’t mean you ought to fill your relationship with a fake soundtrack. But when he says something truly funny, don’t hesitate to let him know!

Exhibiting kindness

In the 1989 movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the titular duo offered simple advice for a far better life: “Be excellent to every other.” because it seems, this is often good advice for attracting a person as well!

For both men and ladies, kindness is one of the foremost important qualities. Kindness is what attracts men the foremost because it lets them get a glimpse of your future together.

Will you be successful together with his parents? Will you get alongside his friends? He’s likelier to think the solution is “yes” when he sees you being kind toward people.

Wearing your hair down

While we’re talking about old phrases, you’ve probably heard “letting your hair down” all of your life. This usually means you’re relaxing by letting your hair hang down rather than putting it into a significant, tight bun.

Interestingly, wearing your hair down may win men over. because it seems, dudes really dig women who have medium-to-long hair and who wear that hair down. For whatever reason, this mix of long hair and the casual style makes men think women are more attractive.

And if you’ll attract more men by fixing less work on your hair, that’s what we call a “win/win!”

Being persistently positive

The phrase “she features a great personality” has become a cultural punchline. The phrase usually implies that an individual isn’t physically attractive but they create up for it in other ways.

Here’s a touch of irony, though. Having an excellent personality will actually cause you to look more attractive to men!

Think of it like beer goggles (minus the calories and hangover). If your personality turns a person on, it won’t take long for your body to try to an equivalent.

Showing genuine interest

Think about the last really bad first date you had. In many cases, what makes the date bad is that they aren’t listening to you. They aren’t listening such a lot as just expecting their address start yakking.

When it involves attracting men, it seems they feel an equivalent way! Whether it’s a casual conversation or a full-on-date, guys respond best to women who are actively showing interest in them.

You can do that conversationally by asking follow-up questions on the items he’s hooked in to. otherwise, you can simply smile and make frequent eye contact.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. If you would like to forge a true love connection, staring into each other’s eyes may be a good place to start.

Mirroring his mannerisms
Like we said, simply showing interest is one among the simplest (and simplest) for attracting men. But if you would like other tips for a way to draw in men, you’ll take things to the subsequent level by mimicking their behavior.

No, really! Studies have found that men like people more when those people act like them. this is often referred to as the “chameleon effect,” and it refers to people that start acting like others. This includes using similar visual communication, facial expressions, and other behaviors.

You may already be doing this to some extent. Most folks find yourself unconsciously mimicking the buddies we are on the brink of. But by consciously mimicking the person you would like, you’ll use the chameleon effect to subtly win his heart.

Hanging with friends

Speaking of the buddies you’re on the brink of, would you think that hanging together with your friends can attract more men?

Women are more attractive once they are a part of a gaggle. There are multiple explanations of this that range from demonstrating your social skills to the person hearing your friends talking you up.

It may also come right down to how men process information. Because guys can only process such a lot directly, they’re going to walk off from a gaggle hang only remembering certain details. And if those details include that you simply are fun, friendly, and well-liked, it causes you to more attractive to them.

Keeping it real

Still, wondering how women attract men? Our last tip is simply as simple because it is frightening: you ought to be completely honest.

Early during a relationship, and particularly on a primary date, it is often tempting to inform a couple of lies. These could be white lies about your hobbies or big lies about your past. But these lies are literally sabotaging your chances at an honest relationship.

A lie waiting to be uncovered is sort of a relationship time bomb waiting to travel off. By sticking to reality, you’ll avoid the explosion while building an honest connection.

And apart from that, men think honest women actually look better. Why not be the important you, especially when it gets you the proper attention?