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10 Surprising Items That Make Women More Attractive To Men


When it involves finding that special guy, women have tons more going for them than they realize. They don’t need expensive makeovers. In fact, they probably have tons of what they have right in their house. The accessories make the package complete. So, here are 10 surprising items proven to form women more attractive to men.

Red clothes and red lipstick

There are quite a couple of songs about women in red, permanently reason. A 2008 study found that men were more interested in women who wore red. Additional studies have shown that men approach women at bars more often and more quickly if the lady is wearing red lipstick, which women who wear red in their online dating profiles get contacted by men more often. Studies have also found that folks rate their own attractiveness higher once they wear red, so it might be that men are subconsciously drawn to the arrogance they perceive from women in red.

A little black dress

A 2012 poll by The Express Tribune found that men like it when women wear a touch black dress. Form-fitting dresses that accentuate curves are very alluring. And black appears to be the silhouette of choice. In another study, over half those interviewed thought the color black means “confidence.” And as mentioned before, confidence is often very attractive. In fact, a 2010 study found that men find women in black as attractive as women in red.

Sleeveless and strapless dresses

Here’s another thing men find attractive: sleeveless and strapless dresses. Showing off slender arms is a beautiful trait to men. to not mention the very fact that men prefer women wearing dresses to pants anyway. Sundresses provide a sort of girl-next-door vibe that men find attractive. But there’s such a thing as too thin; studies show men prefer toned arms to thin ones.

High heels

This is the large one. Studies show time and again that men prefer women in heels instead of flats. High heels could also be bad for your feet but do wonders for your walk. In fact, one study resulted in men finding women in heels to be “significantly more attractive” than those in flats, albeit they were equivalent women. So, if you’ve got an enormous first date and need to decorate to impress, throw on some heels for a step up!


The scent may be a vital catalyst for attractiveness. The perfume industry brought in over $31 billion worldwide in 2018 and therefore the market just gets bigger per annum. the rationale is that perfume works. Not only do studies show men find perfume attractive, but they also conclude that men prefer luscious fruit fragrances to floral or musky scents.

Natural-looking makeup

This is just about a no-brainer, but the science backs up the observation. A 2013 study says men find women wearing minimal, natural-looking makeup more attractive than either woman with no makeup or women with dramatic, contoured makeup. Apparently, the trick is to use makeup that creates you appear as if you’re not wearing makeup.

Rimless glasses

“Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” is an old saying that ought to be fired into the sun. But there’s a grain of truth thereto. A 2013 study found that men find women who wear full-rim glasses-less attractive. However, there’s a particular sort of glasses that men find attractive. an equivalent study says men find women who wear rimless glasses are even as attractive as women who don’t wear glasses in the least. As a bonus, rimless glasses also made viewers think women look more trustworthy and more intelligent. this is often something to require under consideration the subsequent time you get your eye prescription changed.

Hair accessories

Men prefer long hair to short hair, that’s a given. But does it matter how long hair is worn? Sometimes. Men seem to not like ponytails, but loose braids or a coffee bun worn down by the neck are considered very attractive. So while men might not actually care about the accessory itself, whether a clip or a hair tie, they care about the results. The key’s to undertake hairstyles that cause you to look inviting, sort of a low bun, or easygoing, sort of a tousled braid.


We’re stepping into shallow waters, but it’s true. Books make anyone look attractive. One great reason is that your choice of books allows for a few insights into your personality. Whether you’re into romance or true crime, fantasy or thrillers, it’s an excellent entry to a conversation and shows you’ve got a curious mind. But don’t just put random books on a shelf and think it’ll cause you to more attractive. you’ll have chosen one among your date’s favorites and therefore the last item you would like maybe a pop quiz!

Golf clubs

This may be the foremost surprising item on the list: another accessory you’d had best to take a position in maybe a set of golf clubs. consistent with a survey by online dating site Coffee Meets Bagel, men prefer women who golf or follow golf overwhelmingly over those that don’t. Remember that bit about toned arms and sundresses? This ties into that aesthetic. albeit you simply play mini-golf or shoot on the golf range, you’re bound to make an honest impression.